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Verizon iPhone 4 Wired Headsets since the 80s, people have been able to carry along and listen to their favorite music with the help of portable music players. With huge advances in technology the past few decades, we can now enjoy not only music but videos, games, and even the internet through portable electronic devices as well. One of the most important components of these gadgets are the accessories through which sound is played. Although headphones and earphones have been the staple accessories for these portable electronic devices, advances in technology (especially in the ability to make things smaller and more compact) have given us a new accessory with which we could enjoy entertainment on the go – portable wired speakers. Portable wired speakers are like the smaller cousins of the bulkier speakers and subwoofers we have in our cars, computers, or home entertainment systems. As their name suggests, they are small and light enough to carry around. These devices could snuggly fit into your pocket or your backpack with plenty of room to spare. Along with its portability, you could easily hook them up with your portable music player via a wire connected to a jack. You may think that dealing with wires would be too messy but those used for these speakers are thin and flexible enough so that you could manage them without any hassle. One good thing about portable wired speakers is that you could use them in tandem with almost any portable electronic device that needs sound output. The generic 3.5mm jack on most portable speakers allows you to connect them with a wide array of gadgets with the same port size. Most smartphones, mp3 players, and portable CD and DVD players have ports that could accommodate portable wired speakers making them quite versatile and user-friendly. Unlike your headphones or earphones, portable wired speakers also allow you to share the experience of listening to music or watching videos with others. Sure you could share one of your earphones with a friend seated beside you but this could ruin the whole sound experience and could even be quite unhygienic. They may be small and compact but these speakers can pour out sounds at a considerable volume. With portable speakers, you could easily share music with your friends in a room or even outdoors without having to worry about cleaning out any earwax from previous users. As mentioned earlier, one of the best things about having portable wired speakers is that you could bring them almost anywhere. Aside from being compact and lightweight, portable speakers require little power to operate. Most portable wired speakers work with either a few double A (AA) or triple A (AAA) batteries with no need for any adaptor and extra wires to deal with. This means that you could bring them out while camping or fishing without having to worry about looking for an electrical outlet nearby. The portability of these speakers allows you to share and enjoy your music and videos anytime and anywhere. Finally, one of the best things about portable wired speakers is that you wouldn’t need to shell out a lot of cash to get your hands on one. You could probably get a really cheap set for less than 10 dollars. As with most electronic devices, those with better durability and sound quality would cost you a few more dollars but even these wouldn’t set you back more than probably 50 dollars. This isn’t a hefty sum considering the satisfaction you could get from being able to really enjoy your music or videos whenever and wherever you feel like it.

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