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Verizon iPhone 4 Accessories

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Verizon iPhone 4 Universal Cell Phone Accessories

Everyone gets there at some point: that moment of horror when you pull out your phone and realize that your brand new phone of choice has gotten a scratch, or has a hazy screen you simply can't read anymore, giving a sort of old, "chicken scratched" appearance. Pulling out a dirty phone certainly garners some "ew" comments from friends and family. It's hard to show them a funny text, app, or video when they're too busy staring at the potato chip crumbs wedged between the QWERTY keys! It's embarrassing, it's annoying, and it can easily be prevented. Fear not, Verizon has a number of cleaners, scratch removers, and other devices to extend the longevity of your phone and ensure the clarity, brightness, and cleanliness of your screen. First and foremost, Verizon iPhone 4 accessories for your phone include the iFoam foaming screen cleaner. Not only is the cleaner effective and gentle, it is environmentally friendly and uses a washable microfiber cloth to get off the dust and grime left from makeup, skin oils, and other things that could smear and impact your phone's visibility. When looking for a cleaner that will do the job, this is the best option for your iPhone and will also clean gently and easily. It is also streak free.The ScreenWhiz Cleaning Kit is also effective in keeping your iPhone looking like it just came out of the package. The streak-free cleaning fluid found in the kit is made with a special anti-static formula that not only removes lint and dust attracted by static cling, it keeps it off! This product is excellent for iPhone users who carry their phones in their pockets. The kit, like the iFoam screen cleaner, includes a microfiber cloth. When it comes to preventing scratches on your iPhone, using a Verizon iPhone 4 screen protector is best. They are available in a variety of colors, and adhere to the surface of your screen to prevent any scratches on the screen itself. They attach using a self-adhesive backing, and are made of a high quality plastic that repels dust and has a sleek, glossy appearance. It also comes with a cleaning cloth to remove dust prior to installation. Screen protectors are available in red, blue, and clear. There are also Skinomi protector skins that cover the entire phone, both the screen and the case surrounding it. Covering your Verizon iPhone 4 case entirely can prevent accidental damage internally due to debris falling into crevices and openings around the case. It also keeps your battery and cover from flying across the room when you drop your phone (it always happens at least once!) When used with a stylus pen, this product greatly reduces the chance of unsightly scratches or scrapes on your screen. This is an excellent option for screen protection, as it prevents the scratches before they even happen! Last but not least on the list is a product for phones that are already scratched and past the prevention stage. Displex Scratch Remover removes small scratches by gently dissolving the top layer of plastic over the device, seamlessly filling in the scratch with the dissolved plastic. It comes in a small, portable tube with a tiny nozzle for proper dispensation. Displex is a safe, quick fix and the excess can be carefully wiped off afterwards with a clean cloth, leaving your phone like new.

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