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Verizon iPhone 4 Screen Protectors article will provide an overview of various types of screen protectors for the new Verizon iPhone 4. The text covers the necessity of purchasing a protector to safeguard the consumer's expensive phone, the different types of protectors by application method, i.e. static adhesive vs. wet applicator vs. case, and the various finishes available, including mirrored and privacy screens. Customers looking for advice on why and how to choose a screen protector will find relevant information broken down by category in the following article. With the rise of the smart phone revolution and the subsequent rise to prominence of touchscreen technology in many different phones, screen protection systems are now squarely at the top of the accessory hierarchy. Verizon's announcement of the iPhone 4 release has triggered a flurry of innovation as accessory manufacturers compete to provide the most popular items. A range of options is available to the consumer, so careful investigation of the choices is essential for finding the best Verizon iPhone 4 screen protector. Some of the most common varieties are compared and contrasted below. Consumers on the hunt for Verizon iPhone 4 accessories are frequently confronted with a range of screen protection options. Many people examining their choices wonder whether or not screen protection is particularly important; the right answer is certainly "yes." It only takes a minor nick or small drop to transform a pristine touchscreen into a constant, annoying reminder of momentary clumsiness. As price tags for devices like the iPhone 4 now range into the hundreds of dollars, a few dollars spent for screen protection can be thought of as necessary insurance for such a costly investment. A primary consideration when selecting a screen protector is the method of adhesion used. Modern screen protectors generally fall into three general categories: static adhesive, which rely on static charge to stick the protector to the screen, applicator based, which require an application fluid to affix the protector, or full-case solutions which also include screen protection. All three have benefits. Static adhesive is easy to remove and replace if the need arises. The static charge will not leave any type of residue on the screen. Applicator-based protectors such as the Skinomi TechSkin are incredibly durable and will provide excellent protection from scratches, although replacement may be more difficult. Case-based solutions are more expensive and increase the phone's size and weight, but provide unmatched safety for both the screen and the phone's housing. Depending on the type of screen protector, several different tint options may be available. While many Verizon iPhone 4 case solutions do not include tint, standalone protectors offer clear, colored, reflective, and privacy tints. Clear is self-explanatory; the screen guard protects the screen and does nothing else. Colored screen protectors offer a range of colors to accent the phone's look when the display is turned off. Reflective protectors are very similar, except that the main screen can be used as a mirror when the phone is deactivated. Privacy protectors are specially manufactured to only allow visible light to escape the screen at certain angles. This prevents outsiders from viewing operations taking place on the phone's screen, which is of importance for businessmen and individuals concerned with their privacy. Screen protectors may seem optional, but they are a vital accessory for new the new Verizon iPhone 4. Thanks to the range of choices available, finding the best screen protector is as easy as picking the right options and then selecting the appropriate model. The minor cost is well worth it - years of scratch-free browsing await!

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