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Verizon iPhone 4 Holsters people equip their cellphones with the toughest cases and most scratch resistant screen protectors, but forget one other important accessory--a holster. Cellphone holsters are some of the most valuable accessories for those worried about damaging their phone. With regular use, a holster will be able to save your phone from what your trusted case cannot. Holsters are some of the most convenient accessories on the planet. Back in the days of the Wild West, people used holsters to carry their most important items--their weapons--close to their bodies at all times. In more recent and civilized times, cellphones have taken priority over almost any other item. They are now the items that people need to keep close to their bodies. Fortunately, holsters have also evolved from the bulky, unattractive accessories they once were, into the sleek and stylish items they are today. There are many reasons why a person would want to use a holster, especially when using an iPhone. Holsters are some of the easiest Verizon iPhone 4 accessories to use. Users can clip their holster right onto their belt and secure their iPhone directly into it. Once the phone is secure, you won't have to worry about dropping the phone or having it fall out of the holster. Cellphone holsters are designed to keep a phone fully supported. Even if a user has a Verizon iPhone 4 case on their phone, their phone should still fit into their holster. Many holsters are actually adjustable, so they can fit around cases of all sizes. Using a holster is a great way of keeping your iPhone completely safe. Unless the phone is equipped with a case, placed in a pouch, and then zippered into a pocket, carrying your iPhone in a purse or backpack can be dangerous. Even if all of these measures are taken, other items in the bag may be bumping up against the phone throughout the day. This can end up cracking the screen or causing other unwanted damage. It's also important to remember that iPhones are expensive to replace. Verizon users had to wait years to finally get their hands on the iPhone. Not that you have the phone, keep it in good working condition. The main problem that women have with holsters is that they think they are made for men. While some women like wearing their holster on their belt, others are afraid it will clash with their outfit. The good news is that a holster can be clipped onto a purse strap just as easily as a belt. Of course, users will have to be careful when they set their purse down, but this will still offer a high level of protection. Not only will the phone be more accessible, but a holster will keep the phone from being misplaced or dropped. One of the most common times women drop their phone is when they fish them out of their purse. Many women feel rushed to answer their phone and in the hurry to locate the device, it slips right out of their hands. Fortunately, men don't usually mind clipping a holster to their belt buckle. Many holsters are stylish and look sophisticated when worn on a belt. Also, since phones can be so easily damaged in a pocket, holsters offer much safer transportation. An important thing to remember when using a holster is that users will still want to invest in a Verizon iPhone 4 screen protector. Most holsters will leave the screen uncovered. To avoid scratching the screen if you accidentally bump into something, a screen protector should be used. This will help make the holster as beneficial as possible and keep the iPhone, that you have waited so long to obtain, in perfect condition.

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