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Verizon iPhone 4 Car Chargers\ Home Chargers the number of great advancements continues to be made in the cellular phone industry, Verizon continues to lead the pack with its iPhone 4. While the base unit is a marvel in its own right, there are additional items that can be had to make this even more productive. As the market continues to develop, a number of companies have jumped on this bandwagon, developing the kind of phone specific items that consumers have been clamoring for at this time. A variety of products are now available, and a few of the offerings include batteries, Bluetooth headsets, cables, car chargers, screen protectors and cradles. One of the most popular Verizon iPhone 4 accessories that has been integrated into the iPhone is the high resolution, five megapixel camera. It is able to capture images quickly and accurately, making the need for another device obsolete. The quality is so good that many of the comparable stand alone models don't compare with the image sharpness. There is also a 5x digital zoom feature that helps users to grab the perfect photo opportunity. This effectively means that there is no need to be stuck with a picture that is of substandard quality because the camera in the phone is so easy to operate. With the front or rear capability built in, a portrait can be quickly captured by even the novice picture taker. Arguably one of the most important add-ons that can be purchased is a Verizon iPhone 4 screen protector for this most wise investment. The manufacturers in this niche have carefully crafted their models to provide a precision fit onto the display screen of this new phone. This can provide the necessary protection against even the type of scratches that can occur with daily use. The clear polymer material has been adapted from other industries, and is already being used in the automotive, military and aerospace sectors. Thus the iPhone is securely protected against harm. Not only does this provide an additional layer of protection against dust, dirt and fingerprints, but there is also an ultraviolet component that is designed to prevent yellowing over time. What most users love is the fact that the material is non-stick and can be easily removed when necessary without the normal leftover adhesive remaining on the display. Once a packet of this material is purchased, users don't have to worry about their phone because it comes with a lifetime guarantee as long as the film is applied properly. A typical package will include the screen protector material, an installation squeegee that can be used to remove any bubble, a bottle of application solution, instruction and of course, the lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Another great idea for protecting the phone against the abuse that is often a part of daily life is a Verizon iPhone 4 case. This can be obtained in a great number of styles and materials, depending on the preferences of the user. Models include those made from durable aluminum, leather, vinyl and hard plastic just to name a few. This provides valuable protection for the delicate body and instrumentation of the device. Inside of the unit will typically contain a soft material that is designed to prevent scratches and nicks while securely housed there. Most of the cases also have cut outs incorporated into the body to allow users to quickly access the most commonly used buttons and functions. They also have locks on the side which prevents the phone from escaping the case in case it is accidentally dropped on the floor. This can be one of the most cost effective ways to protect this type of investment when considering how much the device actually will make a dent in somebody's wallet.

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